GEMS Young Technopreneurs Challenge 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of the first GEMS Young Technopreneurs challenge. The Challenge aims to support students take ownership of the world they live in and actively develop solutions to real-world problems.

Why is this relevant to our students?

Educational research highlights three key challenges faced by future employees:

  1. If all children are asked to master the same knowledge and skills, those who cost less will be much more competitive than those who cost more.
  2. Old jobs are being rapidly replaced by new ones as old industries disappear due to technological changes, or existing jobs move around the world.
  3. The world our children will live in is global, not local as before.

Zhao (2012)

With such an unpredictable future ahead and a shrinking global marketplace, the World Economic Forum (2009) suggests that:

“Innovation and entrepreneurship provide a way forward for solving the global challenges of the 21st century, building sustainable development, creating jobs, generating renewed economic growth and advancing human welfare”.

In order to better prepare our students, the Young Technopreneurs Challenge will provide a unique opportunity to:

  1. Learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur from industry mentors and experts
  2. Experience the design process and how to take an idea from concept to realisation
  3. Take part in an exciting programme of courses ranging from technical coding, to prototyping and financial skills
  4. Work alongside students from other local and international schools
  5. Showcase their ideas to industry judges and stand the chance to win in over $80,000 in prizes

The competition is open to students from 10 – 15 years age who can attend the 3 mandatory boot camps and final expo.

More information can be found on our website

Want to sign up?

Have your child visit Mr. Thompson in the Innovation Suite (Level 3, next to the library) to collect a signup form. Or for more information send an email to

Want to help out?

We would love parent and community help at the boot camps! If you think you can donate some time please complete the google form below:

 Jay Thompson, Educational Technology & Innovation Coordinator at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

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