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This month saw our first applications to universities being sent.

November is a crucial period for our first graduating cohort, as they bring together all of their educational experiences so far to complete their applications.

Many of our students are applying to universities in two or three different countries, so have an enormous amount of work to do in compiling all of the documentation required.

The US is the most popular destination, with the UK following close behind. Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland are also featured.

The vast majority of applications will be sent out before the end of the semester, with some Asian university applications following in the New Year.

Australia will be the last destination to receive applications, with students waiting to receive their IB Diploma results in July before submitting.

With this huge array of opportunities open, no matter what Grade your child is in, it is never too early to start thinking about university options.

My office door is always open!

Jonathan Cox, Academic Advisor

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