Secondary Years Deputy Principal Message

Over the past few weeks, Secondary Years students have been focused on upcoming semester examinations for the Middle Years and Diploma programs.

Semester exams provide good practice and an authentic learning and assessment experience for our students. Semester exams allow students the opportunity to demonstrate important conceptual understanding and skills, as well as the ability to develop revision and exam taking skills suitable for future academic demands.

After exams, students will receive appropriate feedback on their performance in order to promote learning and facilitate improvement.

As we approach the end of the semester, we can reflect on the many wonderful and exciting things taking place in the SY.

One such event, was our Grade 9 assembly this week that focused on Cultural Diversity.

We currently have fifty-six nationalities represented at GEMS World Academy (Singapore). We value the diversity and the cultural differences that we all bring to the school community, and our diversity is something that we showcase proudly and frequently through school-wide events and activities.

As a school, we are committed to enhancing multicultural understanding on campus and ensuring that our community attempts to reach true cultural competency.

Arnelle Grundhoefer –  Deputy Principal, Secondary Years

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