Parent Teacher Community Update

The Faculty and Staff PTC Appreciation Coffee Afternoon on December 15th

Let’s recognise and show our appreciation to the Teachers and Faculty.

We are requesting afternoon treats that can be enjoyed with a coffee. Please send items in disposable containers and label them, (indicate if it is vegetarian, sweet/savoury). NO NUTS. Treats can be sent in and left at the PTC Room between 8:45 am – 1:00 pm. No refrigeration or heating will be available. Thank you!

The Cultural Day (the former Language Week and UN Day)

In conjunction with the Languages Department, we are planning The Cultural Day on Wednesday 21st February to celebrate our wonderfully diverse community.

In order for this event to be successful, we will need your participation and support. Please click here if you’re willing to support the event by any one or all of the following:

  • Help set up and run cultural stalls representing your country, (stalls could have games/activities for students as well as a small taster or sample of food)
  • Put on a cultural performance
  • Provide food representing your country

In order to include more parents in the festivities, we are considering extending the event beyond school hours, (until 7 or 8 pm) in order to provide an opportunity to working parents to attend. We would love feedback on how many parents would avail of this option.

Also, a reminder to families returning to their home countries over the Christmas break to kindly bring back relevant traditional/national items such as flags, costumes artifacts etc.

The Arts Week

Thank you to all the parents-artists for your time and interest in volunteering your artistic skills for the Arts Week which will be showcased on the 24th of Jan 2018 to benefit our children in learning various ways to produce art.

Should there be any further queries, please contact Huma Nasir at

Community Service Update

We are currently looking for 5-8 more volunteers to help run a stall for Siloam Experience on December 16th in Khatib (next to MRT station.

The event will last approx 6 hours. Students Grade 6 to Grade 12 may volunteer, younger students may need a parent to accompany them.

Siloam Experience is a charity based organization based in Yishun that operates a thrift store that supports the local community and children in Cambodia.

If you would like to help sell items, support a great charity and get the word out about the store, please contact Kathleen Baccarini at

The Bus Update

The bus company has recruited a new transport coordinator Uma who will be stationed with Gayathri at the Level 2 office (just off the parent’s cafe).

They hope that this additional customer service support will allow them to respond to parent emails, complaints and feedback in a more prompt manner. The bus company is also continuing to work on the timeliness of buses and has been regularly updating a complaints log, documenting how each individual case is being addressed.

Mike Gilmour, the deputy principal for Primary Years, was involved a training session for bus aunties. The aim of the briefing was to ensure their approach is in sync with the school.

A list of do’s and don’ts and tips on how to handle children has been drawn up by the school and shared with the bus staff.  For quick reference, the bus hotline number is 97774838.

Save the date…

The GEMS PY Music Department is proud to present a musical extravaganza based on Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” on December 7th during the PY Assembly time (9:10 am to 10:00 am).

Please mark your calendar for this festive performance which will involve every PY student.

This is a pre-holiday event not to be missed!

On behalf of The PTC Team

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