Early/Primary Years Principal Message – Parent Engagement Workshops

Throughout this semester we have been running a series of Parental Engagement Workshops across the Early Years/Primary Years division.

These workshops have been facilitated by a range of different educators who have given of their time to share what we do, why we do it and how we do it. These sessions have been hands on to model the spirit of inquiry that our school values as best practice in learning. They have been set up to share what happens in classrooms and to assist parents with ways in which they can support their children at home in their thinking, their understanding and in taking further action.

Examples of workshops so far have included key focus areas for all parents such as What is the PYP as well as workshops targeted at specific audiences including  Pre-Writing and Reading Skills for KG 1 parents; Maths for all Primary Years parents and Reading for KG 2 parents.

We will continue to run these workshops and will update all families at the start of Semester 2 as to new opportunities that will be available.

As always we welcome feedback, so do let us know if there is a specific area as a parent that you feel we could offer a workshop in that would be of benefit. We firmly believe that we are all part of a community of learners and as such, we need to work together to best understand and support our students.

Finally, an update regarding the Primary Years school uniform. After discussion with the uniform committee, leadership team, staff, and parents. Effective from the start of Semester 2 (January 10), Primary Years students will not be required to wear school ties/bows during the regular school day.

The school ties/bows will still be part of the school uniform and will be worn for special occasions such as school photographs, special assemblies, events and Awards Celebrations.

We have also taken into consideration the safety aspect of wearing ties/bows on the newly constructed playground. A formal letter will be sent to all families in the Primary Years by the end of this semester, communicating this change.

Neil White, Early/Primary Years Principal

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