Creativity and Innovation in the IB MYP

As well as developing deep subject knowledge, our IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum helps students develop skills they will need for further study, employment and life.

Whilst not listed in the ten IB Learner Profile attributes, being creative and innovative are inherent within them, are fundamental to the individual development of our students and are about developing learning habits or mindsets as much as they are about developing abilities.

Creativity and innovation can be seen throughout the work our students undertake, whether this is our Grade 10 students who are meetings the challenges of the MYP Personal Project through developing new solutions to problems they identify, our Grade 8 students who have recently pitched business ideas in Language and Literature, or our Grade 6 students who have designed approaches to experiments in their Science lessons.

These are but a few examples which engage students, allowing them to produce creative, innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Encouraging creativity and innovation in the classroom begins with creating the right climate, asking the right questions and making connections to explore more complex ideas. This approach allows students to recognise alternative possibilities, explore different perspectives, connect seemingly unrelated ideas and notice what other people may not.

Through the process of teaching and learning in the MYP, these elements are incorporated by our teachers to provide exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences for our students which embed their learning in real-world situations and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Mark GardnerMYP/IGCSE Curriculum Coordinator

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