Message from the GEMS (Singapore) PTC President

Dear Parents,

Families, teachers, and students are the foundation of a strong and supportive community.  At GEMS World Academy (Singapore) we aim to foster an environment which is engaging for you and your children, as we believe that the more you engage, the more rewarding your experience will be.

Your support is key to the success of this experience, and we hope that you will be able to share in the upcoming events that the PTC have scheduled.  So please sign up and volunteer!

If you wish to share with us your suggestions or ideas, no matter how small, contact us via email to the GEMS (Singapore) PTC executive committee:

You can also send us your feedback by clicking this link PTC Executive Committee FeedBack Form.

Should you have any comments or ideas related to specific activities or events, (such as UN, bus service, school safety, uniform, canteen or ELP), please feel free to send us an email to the GEMS (Singapore) PTC subcommittees representatives: or click this link to send us your feedback PTC Feedback Form.

Please join us on GEMS PTC Singapore Facebook Group  – a useful forum not just for PTC and school updates, but also a place where you can share photos taken during sporting or school-related events – so our whole community can enjoy them! It’s a closed group so you can be assured of its privacy.

Last year, we also created the GEMS PTC Classified Facebook – the site for our community to buy and sell in a safe and friendly environment.

I look forward to meeting you at the Parent Engagement Session, on Tuesday 28th November.
Venue: Food for Thought, National Museum of Singapore
Time:     5:30pm

Together we can do it!

Warmest wishes,
Lisa PoggiGEMS (Singapore) PTC President

GEMS (Singapore) PTC Subcommittee Update:

Community Service

We are working to provide more community service opportunities throughout the year. 

Please take a moment and fill out our survey click here and let us know if you can help us as we grow our service opportunities for our children. We really enjoyed working with our community to support Think Pink and raising awareness and funds. We are looking forward to bringing you many more great ways to support many organisations throughout the year. 

Currently, we support the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. On November 18th during the last visit, we presented our ideas for activities with the elderly for 2018 to The Volunteer Switchboard representative with whom we cooperate.  

Thank you for those who joined us and made this afternoon meaningful. Please contact Mrs. Rae Lei if you would like to join us for the next visit in January (date to be confirmed soon). 

Please consider attending the next Cycling Without Age symposium on November 23rd introduced by one of our parents, Marieke Bink, and learn more about this organization and how to get involved. For more information visit the website, click here.

SY Class Volunteers

If you are a parent in grade 6,7, 10, 11 and 12 and would like to become an SY Class parent, please contact us at to express your interest. Your role would be to:

  1. Help with a social welcome for any new parents in the grade level (for example, point to PTC, Homeroom, connect with other parents)
  2. Support and liaise with the PTC to get help from SY parents for school-wide events
  3. Help build and support a grade-level community and links to community service
  4. Liaise with school and PTC on parent feedback

Thank you for helping us in creating an open and inclusive school community.


Many thanks for those who took part in the canteen survey. We received a wide variety of results that were presented to Compass group, along with various other suggestions to improve the canteen services, as well as the food quality. Compass have realised there is a lot of room for change, so suggestions were made and we hope to see some changes coming into place in the canteen very soon.


We would like to thank an observant parent who brought to our notice two safety issues with regard to traffic movement at the main gates. We would also like to appreciate the admin staff for promptly resolving these issues. The solutions are as mentioned below. We hope this resolves the long pending problem.

  1. View blocked by plants for vehicles exiting the school from the main gate – to resolve this issue the plants have been trimmed to the appropriate height so that the vehicles coming from the construction site are visible. Shorter scrubs of flora will be added that will not block the drivers’ view.
  2. A traffic safety issue due to congestion at the front gates due to the crossing of vehicular traffic and students with bicycles – as a safety measure and to solve the congestion the school has segregated the traffic. Now all school vans/ parent vehicles are channeled through the main gate. The big vehicle gate is used only for managing shuttle Buses (40 Seater) and student’s on bicycles/ scooters. Duty officers are able to manage it well now.

Arts Week

The annual Arts Week will be happening January 22nd-26th.

The vision is for everyone to experience the Arts in a variety of ways on a variety of days. 

We are looking for parents who would like to share their talents with our school community. If you are keen to be a part of the mid-week Arts Showcase or feel you can offer a workshop or classroom talk please fill in the Arts Week form click here. Please complete by Friday 24th November to help us plan ahead.

Save the date…

Feel free to join our next meeting with the PTC subcommittee representatives on November 29th at 9:30 am

Thank you,
On behalf of the GEMS (Singapore) PTC subcommittees

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