Message from GEMS (Singapore) Head of School

Four GEMS World Academies (Singapore, Chicago, Etoy and Dubai) are working directly with the Create Lab Research team at Carnegie-Melon University based in Pittsburgh, USA. This collaboration is helping us to design our curriculum and utilize the latest technologies in a way that best meets the future needs of our students. I say “future” needs, because how and what our children are learning today must prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

According to the Australian High Commision of Singapore, the ten sunrise industries taking shape across the Asia-Pacific over the next 5-10 years are: digitally enabled finance; cyber-physical security systems; high value nutrition; healthy ageing and lifestyles; personalised and preventative healthcare; medical technologies (medtech); storage and renewable energy technology (energytech), information intermediary services; digital connectivity infrastructure and services and regulation technologies (regtech).

Our mission statement at GEMS (Singapore) is to “commit to providing outstanding learning opportunities, through an environment of mutual respect, transparency, and engagement”. One of our goals to enable us to achieve our mission is to create an environment in which creative, entrepreneurial and innovative skills are the foundations of the taught curriculum, therefore, enabling our students to be best prepared for the changing landscape of the workforce.

To support this goal, we have recently signed an agreement with an EduTech Accelerator organisation from Finland, xEdu. This company selects startup companies who are trying to bring educational technology to market.

There are many such groups now but what is special for us at GEMS (Singapore) is that these startups will be based in our school as xEdu is partnering with us as their base in Asia. Not only will the products be piloted and tested within our facility but our students will be learning entrepreneurial skills directly from entrepreneurs. We are the only school in Singapore, (if not all of Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Americas) to embark on this opportunity for our children.

To ensure our school is leading in this educational space, we must ensure that we are aligned as a faculty. No matter how good our resources and curriculum are, it is the quality of the teachers which is of the utmost importance. To set us on the same path we have begun to create our strategic plan for 2018 to 2020.

Staff have been engaged in discussions to elicit “who we want to be” as a school by the year 2020.

To find out more about this please read future blog posts or join us for the Parent Evening Engagement Session on November 28 at the National Museum, 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

I hope to see you there.

Richard Henry
, Head of School


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