Are you ready to jump ‘IN’?

2017 see’s our third year of GEMS student’s being part of the wonderful annual initiative that is the ‘IN’ Art Exhibition, now in its seventh year – a collection of outstanding art from schools across Singapore.

IN stands for International, Involved, Inspire and celebrates the collaboration of teachers and young artists from many international schools in Singapore.

We invite you to engage and celebrate with us the achievements of both GEMS (Singapore) and students from other international schools and appreciate their strong passion for art. Either by attending the opening night on 15th November for which you need to RSVP where students will be present.

Or visiting the exhibition any day Monday-Friday 10-4pm until 15th January.

Each of the schools exhibiting has selected high-quality student works that best reflects the skill and dedication required to succeed in their respective art courses. We hope that the display of their work in a professional setting will give added fuel to the students’ passion for art.

At GEMS (Singapore) the IB Diploma course on offer to all students allows them to work independently and with guidance, explore and expand personal interests and develop and master existing and new techniques. The outcomes produced, reflect the student’s individuality, determination and commitment to visual arts. Just like their creators, the artworks are varied, insightful, engaging and a joy to experience.

About the IN Exhibition

In 2011 a small team of art teachers was formed to share ideas, support each other and inspire students. The first two exhibitions were very successful – proud parents, smiling students, and considerable media attention. As the team of schools grew it became clear we needed a bigger venue. The Australian High Commission came to our rescue, offering us the use of their gallery.

As a new school to Singapore, it has been wonderful to be part of this event, initially submitting Grade 9 work amongst the other school’s older student’s work and now comfortably sharing some of our first DP students work.

It has provided a great opportunity for students to network, get inspiration and learn from one another. As a collective, we are thrilled to be able to exhibit so many pieces and for so long in this exceptional space. We are very grateful to our hosts. Our hope is that the project will continue to grow, develop and inspire – stirring-up creativity island-wide.

Claire Rimmer
, Visual Arts & Design

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