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Parent-Teacher Conference are an important opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss your child’s progress in school, and are a key part of enhancing successful two-way communication.

The purpose of these upcoming conferences is to keep parents informed about their child’s progress including their academic, social and emotional development; to set new goals and to discuss any necessary support strategies that may be needed.

The aim is to begin and maintain a dialogue between home and school that will ultimately benefit every student.

The GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Early and Primary Years Parent-Teacher conference will take place between 9:00am- 4:00pm on Thursday 26th October and Friday 27th October 2017.

The school booking system for these Parent-Teacher conferences is provided via an online portal, which allows you to better manage the conference schedule to suit your personal availability.

Details regarding this online booking system will be shared with all parents next week and will clarify the steps required to successfully confirm family appointments.

The online booking system will open at 10:00am on Monday 9th October, closing 10:00am Monday 23rd October.

Please be advised to use either Safari or Chrome browser platforms and not Firefox when making bookings in the system.

Please note that the 26th and 27th October are not regular school days, however students are encouraged to attend the conferences with their parents.

Neil White
, Principal, Primary Years

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