Message from the Primary Years Deputy Principal

As we continue to grow as a community, I am encouraged to see the wide range of nationalities, races and cultures that form part of our school.

On a daily basis we are privileged to see students from vastly different backgrounds playing with one another and collaborating in various learning tasks.

As an international school, we are mindful that one of our key areas of focus is to instil a sense of international mindedness in our community.

I am confident that what we witness on a daily basis reinforces our commitment to develop a respectful and mindful international community.

Within the Early and Primary Years division we have made several changes to our daily procedures to help us effectively manage our increasing student population.

Some of these changes have been small, while others have been on a large scale. However, all of these changes have been implemented to enhance what we offer to our students and families.

As future enrolments continue to increase, we will evaluate and reflect on how we can consistently offer an experience to our community of the highest standard.

As with all areas of our school, I welcome your feedback on any of our daily operations.

We look forward to opening our new school playground after the October school holiday.

This custom made playground has been designed with input from all stakeholders in our community. It will provide our students with a creative space in which to play and develop their gross motor skills.

As a division, we believe in the importance of student play and this new facility will enhance to our divisional belief.

This week our Primary Years student council have been finalising their organisational structure together with Mrs Samuel.

The student council is in place to represent the student body and drive various student led initiatives throughout the year.

This year the student council has taken on a new structure and I am excited to see the action they take within our community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any stage should you have any queries.

Mike Gilmour
, Deputy Principal – Early & Primary Years

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