Making authentic connections in the PYP curriculum through visual art

To see and understand, in a glimpse, the way Visual Art integrates within the PYP curriculum. Each taught unit has different levels of collaboration. There is a strong connection to the classroom unit of inquiry through the concepts of respect and responsibility. As artists we have responsibility and respect for our own and others artworks, the audience that will view our art and the place and spaces we can create our art.

Some artists require permission to create on other’s property and some artists create without permission. Discussion on respect allows the students to differentiate the difference. In Visual Art the students are combining the idea of respect for our new playground and the responsibility of positive interactions with each other while playing.

The students planned their work, made thoughtful choices to express their ideas and are in the process of creating. As a group we sort permission for our artwork to be created on the boards leading us to our new playground adventures….

Our artwork will be on display from the 10th to 14th of October.

Beth Roberts
, Visual Arts Teacher

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