#LearningForTheFuture – Universities Visit

This week has been a record breaker for GEMS (Singapore).

On Wednesday we had 31 universities visiting at the same time and across the week as a whole we had 51 in total – which is half as many as visited in the whole year in 2016 – 2017.

What is even more pleasing is that our university visits are always extremely well attended by students and parents.

Even for students who think that they know exactly where they want to study, university visits provide a mine of valuable information.

Students can pick up tips on the application process, ideas for college essays and, perhaps most importantly, they can find out about courses, colleges and countries that they may never have considered before.

Most of us grew up in a school environment where we chose our universities from a relatively small number of colleges in our home country, and usually not too many miles from our hometown.

Our children are navigating a completely different territory. The students I work with now are planning on applying to two, three or even four different countries.

Even those who arrive with a fixed plan find themselves broadening their outlook as they learn more about the amazing array of opportunities all over the world.

Despite the modern educational focus on skills, in a world where choice, change and flexibility come as standards, knowledge is actually a hugely powerful tool.

Making informed choices inevitably leads to greater opportunities.

Attending university visits is an excellent way to ensure that course and college selections are made from a position of knowledge and confidence.

All of our university visits are listed on the school calendar.

Please feel free to join any or all of them!

Jonathan Cox
, Academic Advisor

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