The Art of asking questions – creative wondering

Our aim in the Arts, as in all subjects at GEMS is to encourage students to lead the conversation and the thinking.

Our job as teachers is to set the scene for learning and provide stimulating experiences, responding appropriately to the ideas that emerge.

The first few weeks in Visual Arts has seen lots of questions being asked without specific answers being given and even more shocking to the students, without them being allowed to immediately refer to Google.

Students have been encouraged to look at artworks and question them; What can I see? What do I know? What do I want to know? What do I wonder?

This led to many students asking questions and in return, their peers were invited to respond with answers, not always factual well rehearsed responses, but certainly possible and justified alternatives.

The more suggestions that were given, the more creative the responses became.

The aim of the exercise was not to determine how much we know but rather to promote creativity and expand imaginations, to get students to think and promote curiosity.

It has been said by Dan Moulthrop that ‘a good question is executing the art of curiosity.’

Curiosity begins with a single thought, and then what follows is a question and then more questions sparked by curiosity and what results is a lot of continuous learning.

Students spent time ‘wondering’ about the who’s, where’s, how’s, when’s and why’s of their favourite artworks, artists and art techniques and went on to ask, illustrate and research the answer to their chosen question.

They have now started to add their completed bricks to the wonder wall in the Arts Corridor.

Please take the time to appreciate what the student’s have been wondering about and enjoy seeing more outcomes as our wall continues to increase brick by brick, representing our student’s growing curiosity and active learning.

So to end on a question, What do you wonder?.

What would your contribution be to our collaborative wonder wall….this is an open invitation to share your thoughts and add your own brick to the display.

Claire Rimmer
, Visual Arts & Design

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