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As we settle into this new academic year we have been revisiting essential agreements that have been agreed upon across the Early and Primary Years.

Essential agreements provide expectations for students and establish important routines.

Some of the essential agreements we have in place cover areas such as play-space behaviour and organisation and also cafeteria expectations.

These essential agreements are followed by the whole school community who are aware of what they are and the purpose they serve.

The beginning of our school year sees students across the grade levels setting goals for their own learning and development.

Goal setting provides an ongoing focus for students and can act as a reflective tool for them to evaluate their own progress. Goal setting can have a profound impact on student self-motivation and achievement.

At GEMS World Academy (Singapore) our teachers support students in setting goals which are realistic and attainable.

As an organisation, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) has both short term and long term goals for teaching and learning within our school. As part of the wider GEMS Global Education Standards, we adhere to standards which ensure that high levels of teaching and learning are consistently evident in our classrooms.

To ensure these standards are met we are committed to ongoing reflection and goal setting. We have a system of classroom observations in place where the Educational Leadership teams visit classrooms on a regular basis to observe lessons and provide constructive and purposeful feedback.

Three essential components of a successful lesson are; clear learning objectives, differentiated learning activities and a plenary, ensuring that the learning objectives have been met.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neil White, Principal, Primary Years

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