Head of School Message

Dear Parents,

The new school year has certainly taken off at a rapid pace and I have been very pleased to see our students taking advantage of the wide range of educational opportunities being made available to them. It has also been very pleasing to see the high level of engagement shown by our parent community.

It is my pleasure to be working with the newly elected representatives of the GEMS Parent & Teachers Community (GEMS PTC). Elections were held over the past few weeks and the new post holders are listed below.

The purpose of the GEMS PTC is to support an open line of communication between parents and the school and to promote understanding among all the school groups as well as a forum for discussion between parents and teachers.

The aims of the GEMS PTC are to:

  • Foster positive relationships between the school and families pertaining to the wellbeing of the school community (students, parents, staff and faculty)
  • Work in affiliation with the GEMS Educational Leadership team and teaching faculty for school related matters and those which support and enrich teaching and learning experiences, recognizing that the Head of School is the responsible authority in the school.
  • Advocate for improvements to education facilities and standards within the school.
  • Organise fund-raising activities to support the activities of the GEMS PTC and various charities as necessary.
  • Arrange, organise and facilitate social gatherings, conferences, fundraising gatherings, and generally promote relationships between various stakeholder groups and individuals.

The GEMS PTC is organised as follows:

Head of School – Richard Henry
Elected Parent Representatives:
President – Alex Kimura
Deputy President – Kameni Kotecha
Secretary – Meera Harvey
Treasurer – Jola Kuc-Borowska
Communications Coordinator – Malgosia Broda
Community Service Coordinator – Kathleen Baccarini

All decisions taken are planned and carried out with the cooperation and collaboration of the school administration.

GENERAL COMMITTEE (to meet once per month)
The Executive Committee
Educational Leadership Team (ELT)
Parent Relations Coordinator
Three elected teachers (one EY, one PY and one SY elected by the teaching faculty)
Subcommittee chairpersons

SUBCOMMITTEE representatives will act as the liaison between parents and staff for specific activities or events. These include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Uniting Nations – Kenneth Burns
Arts Week – Huma Nasir
Language Week – Alia Contractor
Family Fun Day – Lisa Poggi
i-STEAM – Meenakshi Sharma
Book Week – Kenneth Burns
Canteen – Kameni Kotecha
Bus Service – Meera Harvey
School Safety – Peter Divaker
Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) – Peter Divaker

Sub-Committees will support, when required, the GEMS (Singapore) faculty members who are responsible for planning, preparing and running specific events as agreed to by the Executive Committee.

I am looking forward to a year full of activities supported by parents which enrich our students education.

Richard Henry
, Head of School

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