GEMS (Singapore) Sport & ECA Update

It was a great sight to see the hive of activity over the past two weeks with the GEMS Sports teams holding tryouts and trainings for Season 1 of the ACSIS league.

Our sports programme has grown in the last 12 months and we are now fielding extra rugby, basketball and football teams, while the popularity for touch, swimming and cross country are as strong as expected.

The first competition games will be played from the week starting Monday 4 September with all teams in action either here at GEMS (Singapore), or at away venues.

Players must remember the important role they have when representing GEMS (Singapore) as positive ambassadors who display sportsmanship both on and off the playing arena, and who work hard to be successful.

This year students selected for school teams have been issued with a new team uniform for the entire season. These uniforms represent the GEMS World Academy (Singapore) colours and also have various forms of our Jaguar mascot embedded in them.

We hope that our athletes will wear these new uniforms with pride and set high standards for performance when wearing them.

Parents will receive an email with information pertaining to the use and return of these uniforms and are asked to reply to acknowledge receipt of this to the respective team coaches.

For information regarding playing and competition schedules for the season, please contact the respective coaches for the team that your child is part of.

Looking forward to a great season of sport for GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

Go Jaguars!

Danny Tauroa, Head of Sport

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