GEMS (Singapore) Music Update

The budding young musicians in the Early Years had a wonderful time creating and responding to music.

The students explored singing, dancing, and playing all the classroom instruments.

Simple reading and writing of rhythmic notation was introduced along with tempo, form and dynamics.

Playing the drums was an all-time favourite!

Congratulations to all the musicians for their hard work and wonderful performances.

The music department aspires to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of music among all students.

In the Primary Years, a fun and lively approach involving singing games and movement was explored.

We performed a wide range of Folk melodies and songs from around the world.

The fundamental elements of music theory and notation were investigated as well as musical composition.

Grade 5 – Composing to raise awareness

Simple projects involving GarageBand and music technology allowed students to explore new ways to create music.

Grade 1 – Specialist strings program

The PY Choirs have had a fantastic year of singing and learning. We now have over 50 young vocalists.

Many excellent musical performances were given throughout the year. Highlights include a wonderful evening concert and the opening for UN day.

The SY Vocal Ensemble was a small but dedicated group who worked throughout the year to develop their sight-singing abilities and to work on vocal harmony.

The String Ensemble has also grown tremendously this year to approximately 45 players- we will probably split the orchestra into PY and SY groups next year.

The String Ensemble performed in the Orchestral & Choral concert and supported the Wizard of Oz opening and the SY Awards evening.

It was a busy year for concerts at GEMS (Singapore).

Grade 6 choreographing a dance to Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet

There were a variety of fine performances throughout the year including the Solo & Chamber concerts, the Orchestral & Chamber concert, Lunch of Rock V, and the various musical events at the recent awards ceremonies.

Our visiting artists for the year included Eilidh Foy, who presented a brief introduction to the harp with Aki van Steenbergen from G7.1, and Greg Lyons, who led a jazz clinic as part of Arts Week.

Ms Eilidh Foy demonstrating the harp

In the music classrooms in SY this year students studied a range of topics from Jamaican songs to operatic arias and from the ukulele to electronic composition.

This year marked the first IGCSE Music exam at GEMS (Singapore) and we had three students complete this challenging course.

Tune in for much much more from our students in 2017/18.

By: Chris Brandt, Daniela Rodnite and Tracy Tan


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