Visit to St Luke’s Eldercare Chong Pang Centre

On 12 June, GEMS (Singapore) Grade 8 & 9 phase 2 Chinese Class students – Alicia, Tassia, Min, Keishin, Shiori, Shannon, Hana and Emma – visited St Luke’s Eldercare Chong Pang Centre.

The students were very excited to apply their Chinese language skills. When we reached St Luke’s Eldercare Chong Pang Centre, the students were arranged a short tour.

They walked around the center and got to know the elderly’s daily routine.

St Luke’s employee, Ms. Lei, introduced the Centre and explained how it is a Christian Eldercare centre and most of the residence are Chinese. Started in 1999, St Luke’s aims to provide elder care services to families in Singapore.


As part of their community service the Grade 8 & 9 students decided to present two sketches to the elderly: “All about Christmas” and the “Dragon Boat Festival”.

Ms. Lei divided the class into two groups. One group was in-charge of writing scripts and acting out “All About Christmas” and the other group took care of the “Dragon Boat Festival”.

At 10:30AM, all 55 elderly residence were seated in the function room. The students went up and introduced themselves in Chinese, then performed two sketches in Chinese and English.

The students interacted with their audience, asking for their opinions on Christmas and the Dragon Boat Festival.

Grade 8 & 9 did an excellent job performing their sketches and communicating with the elderly.

This was such a rewarding experience for the students. They came away feeling GREAT, having made the elderly smile. The students also realised the importance of language and the utility of learning a second or third language.

The elderly were very impressed by the students’ level of Chinese and their acting skills. They gave everyone a resounding applause and hoped to see us again in August.

Rae Ming Lei

Rae (Ming) Lei, Head of Foreign Language, SY Chinese Teacher

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