Head of School reflecting and planning ahead…

As we draw to the close of the 2016-17 academic year, we should take the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments while also looking forward to the many exciting opportunities which are planned for our school community.

When we reflect as a school community, it is always important to celebrate student success and an opportunity to do this is during the upcoming Awards Ceremonies. Recognition of student accomplishment is a key factor in a child’s educational development and the Awards Ceremonies provide endorsement of academic, artistic and sporting achievements.

This year there are also student awards for contributions to school life. These awards are given by teachers for consistently demonstrating the GEMS core values and IB Learner Profile attributes.

On behalf of GEMS World Academy (Singapore), I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many, many parents who have provided the school with your support throughout the year. As I mentioned in a previous message, the importance of parent involvement in education can never be underestimated. In recognition of this we have revised the role of GWAPA and created the newly named GEMS PTC (Parent and Teacher Community).

I am very excited to be working closely with parents throughout the next school year so that we can capture your suggestions and feedback and thereby continue the improvement process for our school.

I would also like to personally thank all those parents who warmly welcomed me to the school this term as well as those that have provided me with a rich source of feedback. This information has been incredibly useful for us to reset some of our existing policies and procedures as well as giving us a clear mandate for the future success of the school.

Looking forward, the staff at GEMS (Singapore) will be focussing on the development of a Strategic Plan at the beginning of next school year. This is an important step for building on what is already in place to ensure there is a common purpose to the work we do as well as clear and measurable objectives. I will be calling upon parents to be part of this process and provide their input.

It will be a milestone year ahead as our first ever Grade 12 students will be in full study mode in preparation for their final exams in May 2018. We are all very proud of the work ethic they have shown so far and we know that the entire school community is behind them as they focus on achieving their aspirations.







Richard Henry, Head of School


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