GEMS Innovation Centre – 21st Century Learning

By: George Shery Ponodath, Grade 9.

Innovation is about making changes to established systems and introducing unique solutions to problems.

At the GEMS Innovation Centre, we get to use a range of technology tools and gadgets to make learning fun and engaging.

As a part of the Tech Crew, I am one of the first students to aid in the setup, testing, and deployment of new technologies in the school.

For the secondary years, we have the VEX Robotics competition where challenges are given to two teams who have to outsmart each other by building the best robot to complete the task.

We also have the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi units.

The arduino is a small microcontroller motherboard that can be programmed to do simple tasks such as run a game of tic-tac-toe. Whereas the Raspberry Pi is a mini, general purpose computer device that can do even more complex tasks.

It is only limited by one’s creativity.

The primary year students have lots of fun playing with the Spheros, a durable robot that can be programmed to move and do simple tricks autonomously, while simultaneously learning valuable coding, maths and communication skills.

The majority of my involvement has been in setting up our Virtual Reality systems.

George guiding parents on the use of VR

It is a truly engaging experience that makes you forget where you really are.

As I learnt about the human anatomy in class, the Oculus Rift allowed me to enter the human body, and immerse myself in topics I was learning in class.

Similar to the Sphero, the Parrot Quadcopters, allow you to code autonomous flight in a whole other dimension.

A lot of logical thinking is required to plan the vectors and angles of flight even before lift off and even some of the senior students, myself included, found it to be quite the challenge.

The innovation centre has allowed me to further develop useful technology skills in an engaging and fun manner.

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