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I think it is important to recognise and celebrate our sports teams and athletes that are achieving great things.

Emma Middleditch in Grade 9 has been busy in recent weeks showing that with dedication and hard work, you can achieve and exceed your goals.

Emma has managed to find the balance needed to stay on top of her academic requirements and still put the long hours into training that a demanding sport like Triathlon requires.

Emma recently competed in the Metasprint Series, Abu Dhabi ITU Triathlon, Gold Coast Triathlon and the Subic Bay ITU Triathlon, Philippines.

Some of Emma’s outstanding results include:

  • Metasprint series 2017: won all 3 races, and crowned overall series champion for the 5th consecutive year
  • Gold Coast Triathlon: victory in the 13-15 age group Sprint race, and also beat the entire 16-19 age group
  • Subic Bay ITU Triathlon: winning the “Youth Olympic Games 15-16” category with a 3 minute margin

Emma is also a dedicated team member of our school football and touch teams, the cross country team and the swimming team.

We congratulate Emma on these impressive achievements and wish her the best of luck in her upcoming events in Bintan and Korea.


Saturday 20th May we host the Japanese Super rugby team The Sunwolves here for a training clinic which is open to all GEMS Singapore rugby players.

The clinic will start at 10.30am and end at 11.00am and end at 12.30pm.

Danny Tauroa, Activities Coordinator

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