Are you ready for Language Week?

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) first Language Week will be held from May 15th to May 19th.

This special week is an opportunity to showcase and promote the diverse number of languages and cultures that can be found at GEMS Singapore.

We motivate our students to embrace their own Mother-Tongue languages, explore the five languages we learn at GEMS Singapore, and appreciate and respect languages from around the world.

During that week, We will organise different activities for each division.

Early Years students are encouraged to speak “ Hello!” /“I love you. ”/ “How are you?” in their Mother-Tongue Languages. KG2 students will join one of our PY French classes.

Primary Years students have designed our Language Week posters, badges and stickers. They have also read storybooks in their Mother-Tongue language to their buddies.

On May 11th, Grade 2 & PY Language Team will present an assembly. On May 16th, Grade 1 will create a bookmark in their Mother-Tongue languages.

Secondary Years students are encouraged to join the Spelling Bee Competition on May 15th and Tongue Twister  Challenges every morning during Homeroom time.

The French department will present a French Talent Show on May 16th and the Spanish department will organise a Flamenco Dance Workshop on May 18th.

As a final creative flourish to the week, all students will join together and create a Language Map in the main foyer.

A visual representation of the language diversity contained within the GEMS Singapore community.

GWAPA will also be organising some oral activities on Wednesday in the main foyer.

Looking forward to a fantastic week!

Rae Ming Lei
Rae Ming Lei
, Foreign Language Coordinator

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