Message from the Primary Years Principal – 10 Mar 2017

As an EY/PY faculty, we constantly strive to offer the best teaching and learning experiences for our students.

Each Friday afternoon our staff are involved in professional development and collaborative planning.

Over the past several weeks every member of staff has been involved in one of four distinct focus groups looking at the following areas:
• Literacy
• Maths
• Collaborative Planning
• Assessment

These focus groups have involved a great deal of reflection, professional discussion and research.

The discussions have been centred around what we believe is best practice and what we as a faculty are committed to in order to make this happen consistently and effectively in our classrooms and in our learning environments.

Each member of our staff has had the opportunity to review the ideas and suggestions of each group and give feedback.

This culture of reflection, collaboration and professional development is something we value highly and we will continue to seek out opportunities to further enhance what we do.

Neil White
EY/PY Principal

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