Vision and Mission

Why is GEMS World Academy (Singapore) here? 

We strive to deliver quality education for all, and this is why we are at the forefront of educational conversations.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) represents GEMS Education’s commitment to bringing these outcomes to Asia.  

Vision statement 

To be the acknowledged leader of excellence in international education across Asia.  

Mission statement 

We commit to providing outstanding learning opportunities, through an environment of mutual respect, transparency and engagement.

Our core values: the foundation of everything we do

We believe academic learning should be accompanied by a strong set of values that help our international students make the right choices and decisions at every stage of their lives. 

The values we champion every day are what makes our approach unique. Our four core values are thoroughly integrated into every part of our international curriculum. 

At GEMS World Academy (Singapore), this value system helps our international students hone their character, talents and personal leadership skills, to achieve their full potential in an increasingly connected world.

These four core values – Global Citizenship, Pursuing Excellence, Growing by learning and Leading through innovation – reinforce the importance we place on an international outlook, diversity and innovation.

We also believe that educational values go hand in hand with human values like compassion, honesty, kindness and a social conscience. So our international students grow on all levels.


The core values:

Global citizenship:

We Believe – In promoting diversity and building communities.

We prepare our international students to embrace cultural diversity, so they can thrive in any environment. We encourage active participation in the community as a foundation for building social and networking skills early in life.

Pursuing excellence:

We Believe – Great just isn’t good enough.

From the start, our international students are taught to treat excellence as a never-ending journey where one great achievement is merely a stepping stone to the next. This builds resilience, strength of character and the ability to continuously aspire for greater things in any situation.

Growing by learning:

We Believe – Continuous learning is the fuel for continual growth.

As the world moves forward ever more rapidly, no learning can ever be complete. To help our international students stay ahead, we believe it is important to foster a spirit of constant enquiry, curiosity and intellectual restlessness in them. This cultivates critical skills like creative thinking, mental agility and flexibility that keep them nimble in the face of change.

Leading through innovation:

We Believe – The world needs more innovators.

Tomorrow’s industries will require fresh ideas, bold thinking and brave decision makers. Our teaching methods are designed to embed an entrepreneurial spark in our students early on. They question how things are done, how they can be better and learn to explore their passions in ways they hadn’t imagined possible.

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