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    and Mission


Why is GEMS World Academy (Singapore) here?

We strive to deliver quality education for all, and this is why we are at the forefront of educational conversations. GEMS (Singapore) represents GEMS Education’s commitment to bringing these outcomes to Asia. 


Our vision



Our mission

To empower an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact others. 




The foundation of everything we do

 We believe that high-quality teaching and learning:  
  • Provides students with authentic opportunities, and the related skills, to be inquirers and critical, creative thinkers in an open and inclusive environment. 
  • Differentiates experiences for learners as individuals in order for them to reach their full potential. 
  • Exists within the relationships we build and the connections we make.
  • Takes place in a secure, engaging environment.
Raising intercultural awareness

At GEMS (Singapore), we believe intercultural awareness is to respectfully share and celebrate our sense of self, cultural identities and common humanity within our local and global communities.

GEMS World Academy - Singapore


Our values





Global citizenship

We Believe – in diversity, equality, building communities, and taking action


To prepare our students to be responsible and active members of global and local communities, our school community respects and embraces cultural diversity and equality. We promote ethical responsibility and sustainability as a foundation for lifelong growth as a global citizen.




Pursuing excellence

We believe - that excellence is a journey where one great achievement is merely a stepping stone to the next


As excellence is built on lifelong resilience, perseverance and strength of character, we create an environment which empowers individual students to broaden their potential, continually pursuing strengths and overcoming challenges.



Growing by learning

We Believe- continuous learning is the fuel for continual growth


In order to adapt to an ever-changing world where flexibility, creativity, and mental agility are needed, our students engage in constant inquiry, leading to intellectual restlessness and eagerness to continuously learn.



Leading through innovation

We Believe- the world needs more innovators


Positively impacting society and overcoming local and global issues requires leadership and thinking which promote a sustainable future. We challenge students with problems which require bold thinking and imagining the impossible, thus leading to new ideas.

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