My Wizardly Arts Experiences at GEMS Singapore

By: Avaana Harvey, Grade 8.

At GEMS World Academy (Singapore), I’ve had many fantastic opportunities to nurture my passion for the Performing Arts.

I’ve regularly performed with the Glee Club, choreographed dances for ‘Uniting Nations’ events, conceptualized and hosted a segment of the Grade 8 assembly as well as worked with visiting Jazz musicians during Arts week.

As an aspiring singer-songwriter, I’ve even had the chance to showcase my original songs at the Senior Year Open Mic sessions!

Avaana performing during SY Open Mic

However, I have to say the highlight of the year for me, has been being cast as ‘Dorothy’ in the school production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Avaana as Dorothy

This musical involves over 100 Primary and Secondary year’s students and has been an amazing experience to be a part of.

I love how this production includes such a large and diverse cast.

Our director Ms Mandi Manson, and assistant director Mrs Amy Fenton have been truly wonderful mentors to me.

They have really helped me to connect with my character and understand the main themes of the story.

What I love most about this experience, is that even though we are using the classic text with the Young Performer’s edition of the play, we have managed to give it a unique twist!

I especially like how the costumes of the four core actors – Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion – have been updated to give it a timeless feel.

Everyone, from the backstage crew to the ensemble have been working hard to make this production a real success.

At GEMS (Singapore), we are committed to providing outstanding international education through a balanced programme delivered across academics, sports and the arts.

Join us for an Open House now and speak to our school leadership team.

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